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Hang Tags:
A majority of the sunglasses that we offer are registered trademarked brands. Therefore, each pair of branded sunglasses will come with a branded hang tag. The branded hang tag will have a UPC code on the back. There is NO price listed on the branded hang tag, so you can set your own retail price. Non-branded sunglasses do not come with a hang tag. If you require hang tags with prices listed, we offer them here:

Plastic Bags:
Each sunglass is individually packaged in a plastic bag. Most branded product comes with a branded plastic bag. Non-branded product will come with a clear plastic bag.

Dozen Boxes:
A box is included with each dozen of sunglasses. Most branded product comes with a branded box. Non-branded product will come with a plain white economy box.

Cases and Accessories:
Sunglass bags, microfiber bags, soft cases, and hard cases are sold separately. View them here:
Giselle Box Image Romance Box Image CG Box Image
Giselle Box Image VG Box Image VG Box Image
Locs Box Image Xloop Box Image Choppers Box Image
Air Force Box Image Biohazard Box Image Polarspex Box Image
Nitrogen Box Image Sturgeon Box Image Road Warrior Box Image
Arctic Blue Box Image Manhattan Box Image Tundra Box Image
USA Box Image Nerd Box Image Economy Box Image
EyeDentification Box Image

Note: We are always striving to increase the appearance and the quality of the products that we offer. Branded tags, bags, and box designs may vary and may change without notice. Almost all of our branded products come with branded tags, bags, and boxes, but this is not guaranteed. If you require specific packaging, please contact us and we will be glad to check how a specific style is packaged for you.

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