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Fashion Sunglasses - Looking for Aviator, Oversized, or Rhinestone Styles?

Something For Everyone

With summer just around the corner, there's never been a better time to stock up on the hottest fashion sunglasses. Don't wait until it's too late! Here at we offer the best prices and largest selection of trendy fashion sunglasses for men, women and children. Browse our inventory and order with confidence; we sell a dazzling array of designer sunglasses, polarized fashion sunglasses, and celebrity fashion sunglasses straight out of fashion magazines.

Old Clothes Are New Again

Trendy sunglasses are a quick, easy way to update your wardrobe without spending a wheelbarrow full of cash. A quick glance through newspapers, fashion blogs and current magazines demonstrates that even wealthy celebrities use this trick to create new outfits on the fly. Just because you have a bucket of money doesn't mean you have to spend it all in one place! Turn to www.miamiwholesalesunglasses to keep your look on-trend without going broke or looking like a fashion victim.

Size Matters

We offer dozens of styles of wholesale fashion sunglasses; our most popular feature cat-eye, butterfly, aviator, oval and goggle frames. What's trendy right now? Bigger is better. Women love oversized cat-eye and butterfly sunglasses because they cover the entire eye area and make it more pleasant to be out in the sunshine. Big sunglasses help protect the delicate skin in the eye area from sun damage; dark tinting means less squinting, another major cause of the unsightly wrinkles called "crow's feet."

Bold, Happy and Bright

Bright frames are seriously in right now! These sunny-weather essentials add a refreshing pop of color and lift spirits with their cheery hues. The possibilities are almost endless: neon yellow, screaming pink and fluorescent orange frames demand to be noticed. The frames don't have all the fun, either; bright LENSES are also a major "do." Don't limit yourself to black and dark brown; some of today's hottest sunglasses have orange, red, blue or green-tinted lenses that protect the eyes and make a bold fashion statement of their own.

Bright neon yellow fashion sunglasses          Classic fashion sunglasses that are popular!

Handsome Metal Frames

Want to offer your customers the latest styles, but feel unsure about ordering dozens of boxes of neon sunglasses? Supplement your offering of blindingly bright eyewear with a more subdued trend: metal frames. These are exceptionally popular for men's fashion sunglasses, but they look great on everybody. Even black or gunmetal gray frames stand out when they're cast from shiny, smooth metal. Copper and gold-colored frames also look fantastic when made of metal.

All That Glitters Is Gold

Gold is immensely popular. For years, it's been a standard color for metal aviator-style frames, but don't limit it to that. A tasteful flash of gold adds instant chic to any style of fashion sunglasses. Look for tasteful strokes of gold paint at the temples or along the earpieces; gold studs or plaques are also popular, and don't forget the mysterious allure of gold lenses. Girls and teens love fun frames covered in fine gold glitter; these are sunglasses that stand up and demand attention! Customers who love the look of gold glitter but don't want to look like a disco ball, will love dark frames with a swoop of very fine, glittery gold paint at the temples.

Bring On The Bling! Rhinestone Fashion Sunglasses!

Prepare for your wildest, most fabulous customers by ordering frames accessorized with rhinestones, studs and other bling! The sky's the limit with this category of fashion sunglasses. Your more conservative clients will love simple, elegant frames with a few tiny rhinestones at each temple, and those who are feeling more adventurous will adore frames covered in them. Cat's-eye frames are the perfect complement to rhinestones placed at the corner of each eyepiece. These sunglasses look charmingly retro when paired with a bright, happy headscarf and some capri pants.

Fashion Rhinestone Sunglasses            Fashion Aviator Sunglasses with Rhinestones on Rim

Anti-Reflective Fashion Sunglasses

Here at Miami Wholesale Sunglasses we are proud to offer an assortment of fashion sunglasses that look great and stand up to heavy use. We also offer styles that incorporate hi-tech features your customers will love. One of the most important innovations in sunglass manufacturing is anti-reflective coating technology. Anti-reflective sunglasses have a thin lens coating that prevents light from bouncing off of the lens surface and right into the eyes. At best, glare is annoying; it can also be very dangerous, particularly while driving or riding a bicycle. Offer your customers increased safety and comfort with these anti-reflective styles.

Scratch-Resistant Lenses

Scratch-resistance is another important feature on many of the sunglasses we sell. There's nothing worse than finding the perfect pair of sunglasses at a great price, and finding that they're ruined within a few weeks because they've gotten scratched! It happens to the best of us. Even glass lenses can be scratched, although they're less prone to scratch damage than lenses made from plastic or other, softer materials. Thankfully, you and your customers can enjoy scratch-resistant sunglasses that take a beating while looking fantastic. These lenses are treated front and back with a thin, incredibly hard coating that makes them much more durable. Why risk ruined glasses? Check out our impressive inventory of scratch-resistant fashion sunglasses today!

We've Got What You Need

The world of fashion never sleeps; trends are constantly evolving, and customer tastes can be mercurial. Prepare to sell some serious sunglasses this summer by ordering in bulk from Miami Wholesale Sunglasses. We've got you covered in style!

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