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Customer Reviews, Testimonials, and Ratings

Are You Looking for Fake Sunglasses?

Well, you won't find them at Miami Wholesale Sunglasses, and that's a good thing. We sell only quality designer sunglasses, not cheap replicas. Our selection is hand-picked from the very best, affordable designer shades on the market. We don't believe you should have to spend a fortune to get the real thing, and fake sunglasses simply aren't worth the money. That's why we offer the perfect solution, sunglasses that look great but won't break the bank. We have a massive selection from which to choose. Remember these are NOT replica sunglasses.

Buy wholesale sunglases, not fake sunglasses

You Won't Find Fake Sunglasses Here

We don't believe in fake sunglasses, but we do believe in stylish, attractive and fashionable designer glasses by makers like DG, Locs, Biohazard and Flying Skull. We also stock X-Loop sunglasses, Chopper sunglasses, and other brands like CG and Romance. VG sunglasses are particularly popular for retailers. Road Warrior sunglasses are popular among bikers thanks to their amber hued lenses that help brighten the road ahead. Manhattan sunglasses are classy and chic, while Locas sunglasses were made especially for women who appreciate the men's Locs sunglasses. We told you our selection was massive.

Fake Sunglasses Don't Come With These Impressive Features

At Miami Wholesale Sunglasses, we sell sunglasses that have lots of great features you just won't find with those cheap fake sunglasses. If you are looking for clear lens glasses, sunglasses studded with rhinestone bling (, leopard and other animal prints, or lenses that block harmful UV rays, you have come to the right place. We have all that and much more. If you are looking for polarized sunglasses, we have those, too. Solid black frames, solid white frames, tortoise-shell design, zebra print, snake-skin and leopard print. Oh, My!

We Have Your Party Glasses Here, Too

Here at Miami Wholesale Sunglasses, we know that you don't spend your whole life in the sunlight. For those late night parties, we offer wholesale party glasses, too. Our oversized party glasses are decorated with everything from pink disco balls to beer mugs. Heart-shaped, rose-colored glasses; Mardi Gras glasses with clear lenses; and party sunglasses with dark lenses decorated with butterflies, dollar signs, birthday candles and balloons round out the party selection.

Bulk Sunglasses for Sports Nuts

What would you say if we told you that we even carry sunglasses for all the sports fans out there? NFL fans will love our glasses with their favorite football team's logo, available by special order only. We have MLB sunglasses, special order only, for all the Major League Baseball fans out there, and we can even supply NCAA sunglasses for special orders as well. Plan ahead for football season or the World Series by ordering these special sunglasses in advance.

We Offer Domestic and International Shipping for Your Convenience

We ship all over the world, so we can get our quality products to you no matter where you are in as little as one day after shipping UPS Next Day Air to locations within the United States. We accept only bank wire transfer for international orders for your security. For domestic buyers, we welcome credit cards. Wherever you are, we look forward to doing business with you.

Where Is the Best Place to Purchase Sunglasses by the Dozen?

Miami Wholesale Sunglasses is easily the best place to buy wholesale sunglasses in bulk. Each style is available by the dozen, and that should give your customers plenty of reasons to smile. If you are new to our services, feel free to purchase a variety pack that will give you a good idea of the value and quality of our products. We do NOT offer fake sunglasses. These are quality, inexpensive sunglasses in bulk. You can rely on us to provide only the best bulk glasses that you will be proud to carry in your store.

Your Kids Need Sunglasses, Too

We didn't forget that children love to wear sunglasses, too. They shouldn't be forced to wear cheap, fake sunglasses, either. Children's sunglasses by Locs, X-Loop, DG, Biohazard, and Choppers are every bit as stylish and fashionable as their adult counterparts. Many of these come with UV protection to help keep children's eyes safe from the dangerous rays of the sun. Most come with the stylish brand logo on the temple. If you stock sunglasses for adults, consider adding children's glasses and watch your sales increase. Children love to emulate their parents, and they will get a kick out of having their own pair, too.

Why We Don't Carry Fake Designer Sunglasses

It's simple. We wouldn't wear them ourselves, so we wouldn't expect you to sell them to your valued customers. We want the finest sunglasses available that blend style and fashion with affordability, so that's what we sell. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of designer shades that make you feel like a million bucks. Fake sunglasses are cheaply made with no regard to durability or quality. That's not our game. Our glasses are made to be worn and loved. They are designed with quality and fashion in mind, and they don't pretend to be something that they're not. Neither should you.

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Customer Reviews
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