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China Wholesale Sunglasses - Prices, Quality, UV Protection?

Not Just For Hot Weather

It happens like clockwork - each year, as the temperatures rise and the sun soars into the sky, sunglasses are once again the hottest accessory for men, women and children. What many people don't realize, however, is that sunglasses aren't only important in the summertime; throughout the year, ultraviolet radiation may cause vision damage and may accelerate signs of aging in the delicate skin around the eyes, contributing to the unsightly labyrinth of wrinkles often called "crow's feet." These potentially dangerous ultraviolet rays have also been linked to skin cancer. Thankfully, an assortment of fashionable sunglasses offers excellent, year-round protection for the eyes and skin. The best part? These hot styles aren't just for hot weather!

China Wholesale Sunglasses and 300+ styles

High Quality, 300+ Styles

At, we offer hundreds of the latest high quality sunglass styles for men, women, kids and teens. These are the real deal, crafted from durable materials that easily stand up against heavy use. Many retailers and consumers are wary of buying eyewear in bulk because in the past they've been let down by tacky, poorly-made China wholesale sunglasses. It doesn't matter how low the price is; nobody wants to spend money on sunglasses that break or come apart after a week or two. That's where we come in, offering authentic, high quality wholesale sunglasses by the dozen in the most popular, up-to-the-minute styles.

A Little More Conversation

Fashion trends evolve at breakneck speed. Take a look at any fashion magazine; what's in today will be gone in a month, and budget-conscious consumers can instantly freshen up their look by wearing the latest from their favorite sunglasses manufacturers. Unfortunately, designer replica sunglasses from China have earned their miserable reputation; they look cheap, feel cheap and are easily broken. is the perfect solution for frustrated vendors who want to capitalize on the latest trends in sunglasses without compromising on quality. Our huge catalog contains both trendy and traditional styles, and we've worked tirelessly to build a reputation as a trusted source for bulk sunglasses. It's time to close the door on China wholesale sunglasses and dissatisfied customers; we're the best of the best, and we're here to prove it.

Designer Eyewear

Customers of can choose from a huge assortment of designer shades. Our most popular sunglasses include styles by CG, X-Loop, Flying Skull, Biohazard and Locs; we also offer a tempting selection of retro sunglasses, as well as smaller-frame sunglasses for petite customers. These are not crappy wholesale sunglasses from China, fakes, replicas or knock-offs. All our products are high quality and authentic. We have a 30-Day no risk money back guarantee to prove it.

Samples, Samples Everywhere

Our generous sample packs contain one dozen pairs of sunglasses and are a great way for new customers to experience everything we have to offer. We currently offer sample packs by Chopper, CG (men's and women's samples available), Locs and X-Loop [].

Guaranteed Protection

Many China wholesale sunglasses come with labels claiming that they offer full UV protection. This is, sadly, often not the case; these claims are especially hard to contest and verify, which means that many may wind up reselling mis-labeled merchandise. All of our sunglasses offer UV400 protection, which means that they fully block both UVA and UVB rays. Our customers buy and resell with confidence because, unlike many styles of designer sunglasses in China, our products are what we say they are.

Not Just Shades is also a highly respected source of sunglasses displays, cases, cleaning products and repair kits. We've got everything retailers need to organize, sell and profit. Our most popular accessories include microfiber carrying pouches in fashionable colors and prints, protective carrying cases with zippers or snap closures, and portable repair kits [].

Excellence in Customer Service

Open communication is key to any business relationship; retailers who've purchased China wholesale sunglasses in the past have often learned this the hard way, suffering through shipping problems, pricing disputes and other nuisances because of the language barrier. We love and respect our customers and have a strong commitment to business integrity. We are always happy to answer any questions and will promptly respond to all customer concerns. Orders are accepted over the phone during normal business hours; our customers may also use our convenient online form to place orders at any time of day or night. Customers can log into their account to view the status of their open orders, including up-to-date tracking information for shipments within the United States. All of our sunglasses are sold in sets of a dozen pairs; there is no minimum order, and customers do not need a resale permit unless they are located in California.

Easy Returns and Exchanges

Retailers who buy China wholesale sunglasses often find that trying to make returns and exchanges overseas is a huge, frustrating hassle that wastes time and money. offers simple, quick returns and exchanges. We accept exchanges of unused products in their original packaging for thirty days from the point of sale; there are no restocking fees. We also happily accept returns for any reason within thirty days of purchase, minus a 20% restocking fee. Customers must contact us for a return authorization number before sending the merchandise to us.

Try the Best, Leave the Rest

Our hundreds of satisfied customers are a testament to the top-quality sunglasses, accessories and customer service we offer. Don't suffer any longer with unreliable China wholesale sunglasses. Contact us today to request a catalog or place an order.

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