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Cheap Sunglasses

Discount Sunglasses Do Not Have to Be Cheap Sunglasses!

Whether you are looking for bulk sunglasses to stock your online store or your brick and mortar boutique, do not become tempted to buy cheap sunglasses in the hopes of increasing your profit margin. While you might increase your revenue in the short-term by stocking cheap designer sunglasses, you will likely lose repeat business and develop a poor reputation in the market place. Without satisfied customers returning to your store and losing new clients because of poor reviews from dissatisfied consumers, the long-term viability and profits of your business can suffer. When knowledgeable retailers look for bulk sunglasses, they turn to Miami Wholesale Sunglasses to purchase high quality discount sunglasses in bulk. Many take advantage of our volume discount (, which offers 10 percent off the price of orders costing between $500 to $999 and 20 percent off purchases over $1000.


The Difference between Cheap Sunglasses and High Quality Inexpensive Sunglasses

While the ZZ Top song "Cheap Sunglasses" was popular in the 1980's, cheap designer sunglasses are not going to win you any points with your customers. Even though many shoppers are looking for retro sunglasses (, they are savvy about the damage the sun can do to their eyes and they look for sunglasses that have UV400 protection to block all of the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Many cheap designer sunglasses do not offer adequate UV protection. In fact, in Australia, cheap sunglasses without UV protection are required to carry the label "fashion spectacles" instead of sunglasses.

Black Cheap Sunglasses          Pair of Locs discount sunglasses at a cheap price

All of the sunglasses offered by Miami Wholesale Sunglasses have UV400 protection, so you can assure your customers their eyes will be safe when they wear the high quality inexpensive sunglasses from your shop. If you sell our high quality designer sunglasses in your boutique or specialty shop, make sure you tell your customers all the sunglasses you have on display offer UV400 protection against the sun's harmful rays.

Often cheap sunglasses are prone to breakage because of poor quality materials or careless construction during the manufacturing process. Additionally, many discount sunglasses have lenses that scratch easily rendering them useless. Cheap designer sunglasses become expensive for your customers if they constantly have to replace them. When you stock a selection of sunglasses, like Designer Sunglasses, X-Loop Sunglasses, and Locs Sunglasses, you know your inventory will feature the latest trends in fashion sunglasses that are made from high quality materials that will not easily scratch or break. You will find you can buy our designer bulk sunglasses at discount prices that will increase your profit margin, while keeping your clients satisfied so they refer others to your shop.

Buy Your Inventory of Discount Sunglasses from a Wholesaler You Can Trust

Security companies have recently released a warning to those in the fashion sunglass industry as well of consumers to look out for the deluge of counterfeit cheap designer sunglasses that appears to have become a trend in 2012. One case discussed published in Bloomberg ( concerned a wholesaler who offered 100,000 pairs of replica sunglasses per week at extraordinary rock bottom prices, a key sign that these sunglasses were indeed fakes. In this report, they provided consumers with different ways to recognize counterfeit sunglasses as well as the dangers of buying these fakes because they often do not give adequate protection against potential eye damage caused by harmful UV sun rays.

When you purchase aviator sunglasses (, retro sunglasses, or any other type of bulk sunglasses from Miami Wholesale Sunglasses, you can rely on the fact we only sell authentic designer sunglasses. This provides you with the assurance you will not incur the embarrassment of a customer telling your friends you sell "fake cheap sunglasses," or the loss of customers when word gets out that you stock counterfeit sunglasses, even though you did not do so intentionally.

Another reason that it is essential to buy from a trusted reputable sunglasses wholesaler is that many states have significant criminal penalties for people who are convicted of selling counterfeit goods. For example, in California, retailers who have been convicted of purchasing or selling counterfeit items face fines ranging from $5,000 to $500,000 as well as possible prison sentences up to three years. When you purchase high-quality bulk sunglasses from Miami Wholesale Sunglasses, you can be rest assured you are purchasing authentic designer sunglasses at the best wholesale price in the marketplace.

Find a Variety of the Latest Styles of Inexpensive Sunglasses for Your Inventory

Now that you know the importance of making sure you only stock authentic high quality sunglasses, take time to explore the variety of the latest styles of bulk sunglasses, like retro sunglasses, we offer from the respected brands such as:

* Designer Sunglasses

* X-Loop Sunglasses

* Choppers Sunglasses

* Locs Sunglasses

Additionally, we offer clear lens glasses as well as kids sunglasses at wholesale prices. When you explore our designer selections, you will join the many retailers who trust their reputation, business, and customer satisfaction with Miami Wholesale Sunglasses.

Sources: As of 05-11-12

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