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Customer Reviews, Testimonials, and Ratings

Are you looking for a great place to buy bulk sunglasses?

Thanks to Miami Wholesale Sunglasses, you need to look no further, because we offer the widest selection of quality brand wholesale sunglasses at the lowest prices.

Miami Wholesale Sunglasses offers a wide range of popular bulk designer sunglasses, with brands such as Giselle, X-Loop, Choppers and Locs. We also offer personalized customer service, because we want you to be happy with each and every order. We'll be glad to advise you as to which sunglasses in bulk to choose for your store or kiosk. We even offer advice on selling sunglasses for extra income. If you go to our How To Sell Sunglasses page, you'll find tips on where and how to set up a store, kiosk, online store or display, and what kind of inventory to buy.

View our collection of bulk sunglasses

Sunglasses are just as popular as ever in the consumer's market. According to statistics released by The Vision Council, 92.2 million pairs of non-prescription sunglasses were sold in 2011, representing $3.4 billion in revenue. For retailers across the country, sunglasses continue to be a successful income-generating item. The secret to successful selling, however, depends on finding the right wholesale supplier. That's why Miami Wholesale Sunglasses is such a popular source for buying sunglasses in bulk. We're able to provide the hottest fashions at the cheapest prices. Shopping for wholesale sunglasses has never been this much fun - and this affordable.

Cheap bulk sunglasses don't have to look inexpensive. At Miami Wholesale Sunglasses, we carefully choose our suppliers and vendors, so we're able to offer the hottest models in designs that are sure to appeal to your customers. Buying bulk sunglasses doesn't mean a compromise in quality, because the sunglasses we offer are all made with quality materials and a high level of craftsmanship.

Why Polarized Sunglasses are a Popular Choice

Because of the concerns about UV ray exposure, it's important for you to include a good selection of polarized sunglasses in your inventory. We currently offer special discount prices for bulk designer sunglasses in a wide range of polarized styles. Polarized sunglasses are especially popular among fishermen, because polarized lenses cut down the glare of the sun on the water. Outdoor enthusiasts typically seek out polarized lenses, so if you live near a large sporting community, you'll find an appreciative fan base for polarized sunglasses, and you'll want to carry a large supply in your inventory.

Giselle Sunglasses are Top Sellers

For retailers, Giselle is one of the best-selling brands of wholesale designer sunglasses. Giselle offers trendy fashion looks, such as faux tortoise shell and sophisticated marbled frames, in a variety of colors ranging from sassy red to classic black - all carrying the distinctive silver tone Giselle logo. Purchasing Giselle bulk sunglasses is a wise choice for any retailer, because these models always prove to be top sellers in any retail or online market.

Retro Sunglasses are Hot

How about a retro look? You can buy bulk sunglasses in classic, retro styles that include tiger stripes in black and white, or even black and orange, all at wholesale prices. Pop culture designs also include neon colors such as lime green and hot pink or fire engine red, as well as trendy 1950s solid white. For rock star looks, we have faux lace frames and lenses, as well as frames adorned with gothic style hearts and flying skulls.

Speaking of Flying Skulls, these frames will lift your inventory right out of the ordinary. Flying Skulls is one of the hottest lines of men's sunglasses, and each is adorned with the trademark flying skull on the side. Flying Skulls offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, and come in classic, goth-inspired styles and shades of red and black.

Aviators: A Perennial Classic

How about some aviator sunglasses? We've got them, all at the lowest wholesale prices. Whether you're looking for brass or silver tone rims, or traditional black metal frames, you'll find that our aviator sunglasses will literally fly off your shelves. Our aviators also have quality features such as smoke-colored lenses and anti-slip nose pieces.

Sunglasses for Kids and the Young at Heart

Kids need sunglasses too, and our wholesale sunglasses for kids include looks in bright, cheerful colors such as bright pink and ocean blue, with styles for a budding rock star or a little princess. We've got children's aviators too, for aspiring pilots. We also offer adult party sunglasses for everything from disco nights to Mardi Gras parades. If there's something to celebrate, we've got the right pair of sunglasses to offer your customers.

If you're interested in buying bulk sunglasses for your store or kiosk, you'll find that Miami Wholesale Sunglasses not only offers the biggest selections, but also the best discounts. For orders of $500-$999, you'll receive a 10 percent discount, which means a savings of approximately $2 to $6 per dozen pairs. Orders of $1,000 or more will receive a 20 percent discount, which results in a savings of approximately $4 to $12 per dozen pairs. In addition, we offer even larger discounts for larger orders; please contact us for details.

Buying bulk sunglasses not only assures you the best discount prices, it also enables you to offer a large assortment of fashionable styles and colors to your customers. Whether you're brand new to the business of selling sunglasses, or you've been running a long-established retail business, now's the perfect time to visit Miami Wholesale Sunglasses online and discover the widest range of styles in quality designer bulk sunglasses for your business, all at the lowest wholesale prices.

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