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Sturgeon Polarized Sunglasses

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Sturgeon Sunglasses - Sturgeon polarized sunglasses are sure to compliment the style of any man. Sturgeon uses lightweight metal frames, aluminum spring hinge temples, and only uses the highest quality materials including 1.1mm TAC polarized lenses. Everyone will appreciate the amazing eye saving polarized lenses that come in a variety of tints. Sturgeon Sunglasses come in a variety of styles and designs that will appeal to men of all ages. Originally designed for the recreational fisherman, these glasses now incorporate many styles from aviators to wraparound sunglasses and all are made from high quality lightweight metal. Sturgeon's trademark logo is descretely displayed on the arms of each pair glasses as a symbol of their premium build.

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Sturgeon Polarized Sunglasses - PZ-SG9328
$60.00 per dozen
Sturgeon Polarized Sunglasses - PZ-SG9328
Assorted Colors. Polarized Lenses.
$20 OFF
an order over $200.
Coupon Code: MAR18
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