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DG Sunglasses

Fashion Sunglasses - Mainly for Women, but some styles are specifically designed for Men
  DG Sunglasses
DG Sunglasses is an exclusive designer brand of wholesale sunglasses. Wholesale DG Sunglasses have become very popular in the retail market due to their high quality and unique color variations. Each dozen of DG wholesale sunglasses are packaged in a signature DG logo display box and are a must for any retailer or sunglass distributor. Wholesale DG Sunglasses will fly off the rack at any retail store! DG Men Sunglasses have been added to our current collection as well as many DG Aviator Sunglasses.  Looking for the lowest priced sunglasses? Easily Sort By Price using the drop-box listed below.
DG Sunglasses - Style # 26940DG
Price: On Sale! Only $12.00 per dozen (assorted colors)
DG Sunglasses - Style # 26940DG
DG Sunglasses - Style # 26941DG
Price: On Sale! Only $12.00 per dozen (assorted colors)
DG Sunglasses - Style # 26941DG
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